Has Job Hopping Become Common Among Graduates?

linkedinI recently read an article on the LinkedIn Blog which  highlighted the common trait of Millenials – job-hopping.

In fact todays graduates are more likely to job hop than any generation before them and those graduating in the next 2 months even more so.

Many graduates are evaluating the job, deciding what industry they like and where they fit in.

In the last 2 decades job hopping has nearly doubled, will you be one of them?

Find out more at https://blog.linkedin.com/2016/04/12/will-this-year_s-college-grads-job-hop-more-than-previous-grads

Getting A Job in Media

espnSo you’ve just finished training and started the job hunt? Been wondering what it takes to get a job at a  media company like ESPN?

This is what was discussed in a post on Cosmopolitan.com recently.

  • What qualities are most important in an employee? – Collaboration is crucial.
  • Which candidates are in high demand right now? – Software engineers, data engineers, web designers, product development experts, and data scientists.
  • What should candidates know before the interview? –  Do your homework on the company and the position. Also ask intelligent questions.
  • How do you digitally recruit talent? Mostly LinkedIn

To read more visit http://www.cosmopolitan.com/career/a55955/interview-insider-espn-career-jobs/


Media Agency Bookings News


There’s been a decline in TV media agency ad bookings and according to reports there’s been drops across all the major categories except cinema.

According to SMI figures this has been the largest media bookings decline for nearly 2 years, with TV media agency bookings dropping by $44 million.

In March media agency bookings declined by 10.5% year on year to $549 million. This was the largest decline in almost 2 years.

Read more at http://www.adnews.com.au/news/ad-spend-suffers-largest-decline-in-22-months#Ce0xJVSB1MG2RFuu.99

These Are The Best Media Jobs

prepare-for-job-interviewHave you always known the media was the sector for you but not quite sure where you fit in? Here are the best jobs in the media at the moment according to Payscale.com

  1. Vice President (VP) Public Relations and Corporate Communications
  2. Vice President Communications
  3. Vice President Public Relations
  4. Account Director – Communications
  5. Executive Producer – Communications

Read the full list at http://www.payscale.com/college-salary-report/common-jobs-for-majors/communication

Social Media Addiction is a Growing Concern

social mediaHave you heard of FOMO, FOBO, and NoMo ? These are what many young people suffer from due to social media addiction.

These 3 acronyms are a part of a growing list used to described people’s fear of not being able to check their social media feeds.

Psychologists are trying hard to keep up with this growing problem, especially among young people.

There’s a rising anxiety about not being able to check one’s feed, and a lot of people are being stressed out.

See more at http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-04-03/psychologists-scramble-to-keep-up-with-social-media-addiction/7293862

Try These Free Online Courses In Social Media and Inbound Marketing


It’s becoming more and more important to be good at social media marketing, so why not take advantage of one of these free online courses in social media? Having a presence of social media and networking online have never been so important. The best courses are:

1. DS106: Digital Storytelling and Social Media

2. Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Training Program and Certification

3. Social Media Quickstarter

4. Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business 

5. Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Click here for 5 more free online courses.


Advice for Those Studying for Exams

studyWhether you’re studying media at a tertiary institution or preparing for exams at school, there are certain principles that should form part of everyone’s study routine.

To achieve your study goals this year, remember to remain consistent and don’t leave things to last minute,

  1. Set study goals
  2. Make a plan
  3. Take regular breaks
  4. Embrace new technology which could help make studying easier.
  5. Test yourself regularly
  6. Find a healthy balance. Eat healthily and get enough rest.
  7. Be positive.
  8. Use a study partner
  9. Turn lessons into stories.
  10. Establish a study routine.

Get more advice at https://www.examtime.com/blog/10-study-tips-to-achieve-your-goals-in-2016/

Tips To Ace That Media Interview

prepare-for-job-interviewLanding a job in the media field can be tricky especially because these positions are usually coveted, even the lower level positions are seen as stepping stones to a career in media.

Here are some quick tips to help you shine during that media interview. The detailed explanation can be found here.

  1. Have a plan. Be prepared to answer questions about what you would want to see in the media.
  2. Do research about your boss beforehand.
  3. Know the company’s background
  4. Study current events
  5. Expect a skills test
  6. Be ready to talk about your current job
  7. Be honest about your job situation especially if you’re out of work.
  8. Anticipate probing questions.

Get all the details at http://media.about.com/od/mediacareer/a/How-To-Prepare-For-A-Media-Job-Interview.htm